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Unlock the extraordinary potential of light ft. Philip grow light

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Signify is the world leader in lighting and a company with a purpose - Unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.

Philips LED Growing Lights
Philips Growlight Malaysia

The Philips brand is known for quality and energy-efficiency in light. Over 125 years, Philips products have been at the forefront of innovation. Even until now, Philips is still recognized as the leader in lighting.

Natural light often falls short, it has never been enough for crops to get what they need to grow and flourish. Philips professional LED grow lights can definitely solve this problem! Philips professional LED grow light allow farmers to control many aspects of crop growth to get better business results. These covers vegetables, flowers, and fruits - vertical farm, greenhouse, and any indoor facility. Philips offer the best choice of LED grow lights to fit specific crop. With Philips’s tried and tested horticulture LED grow lights can help farmers to increase yields, quality and consistency of the crop.

Greenhouse LED grow lights

Lights plays an important role for greenhouse farmers. Whether improving propagation, growth of young plants or commercial-scale yields, Philips offers the best LED grow lights and the GrowWise Control System. Philips range of horticulture LED grow lights can be used for greenhouses with standard benches, high-wire set-ups, hydroponic systems and more.

Vertical farming LED grow lights

Farmers in vertical farming are leveraging Philips LED grow lights to grow a range of crops indoors with climate-controlled while no sunlight. These are ideal for propagating young plants, cultivating leafy greens, herbs and fruits, and rapidly developing new varieties of seeds. Philips offers a range of professional LED grow lights and the GrowWise Control System can help growers to achieve higher yields on a smaller footprint and steer unique properties of crops, such as enhanced flavor, nutritional value and shelf life.

Investing in Philips professional LED grow lights is a smart choice for farmers who want to increase their yields and grow their business. With Philips' commitment to innovation and quality, farmers can trust that they are getting the best in horticulture LED grow lights to optimize their crop growth and improve their bottom line. By unlocking the extraordinary potential of light with Philips, farmers can grow healthier, more consistent, and more abundant crops, contributing to a better world for all. Experience the power of Philips professional LED grow lights today!

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