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FarmRoad® crop management software brings all farming data together in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Built for controlled environment agriculture, FarmRoad® enables tomato and berry growers to make informed decisions in real-time by harnessing data, artificial intelligence and plant science.



Make collecting plant
data faster and easier

Capture plant measurements and scouting details using your phone with the FarmRoad app. Collect crop data on the move to reduce time spent on manual entry, minimize errors and use grower time more efficiently.


Data Studio

Collate data from multiple sources to create dashboards that deliver insights to everyone from the grower to the CEO.


Production / Yield Prediction

Improve your Fill Rate. Achieve up to 95% yield prediction accuracy one to six weeks out to harvest for tomato crops.


Folium wireless multisensors are battery powered and help growers identify problematic microclimates in greenhouses and tunnelhouses. Multiple units form a wireless sensor network to provide environmental data at scale.


Folium Wireless Sensor Network

6-in-1 multisensor units form wireless sensor network for greenhouse monitoring


Identify problematic microclimates in your greenhouse

Folium sensor network is a wireless greenhouse monitoring system. It collates multiple climate readings from multiple locations in your growing environment and visualizes them as heatmaps, graphs or tables.


Not a sensor…a wireless sensor network 

Folium’s innovative wireless sensor network is the key to greater visibility of environmental conditions in your greenhouse. Deployed in clusters of 4-6, the multiple Folium units create scalable wireless network infrastructure to provide coverage to even the largest of growing spaces.

Each Folium multisensor unit contains the following sensors for measuring greenhouse, hoop house, polytunnel or other covered growing space environmental conditions:

  • Temperature sensor

  • Relative Humidity (RH) sensor

  • CO2 sensor

  • PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) light sensor

  • RAD (Solar Radiation) light sensor

  • Barometric Pressure (BP) sensor

Plus additional sensors now available:

  • Plant temperature sensor (clips to plant and into base of Folium unit)

  • Soil/Substrate moisture sensor (placed in growing media and plugs in to base of Folium unit)

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