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  • Smart Irrigation : Let them work for you!(For Orchard, Farms & Greenhouses) ft. Irritec's System

    Smart irrigation system leaves traditional methods of irrigation behind in the dust. As technology evolves with each passing year, it’s only getting smarter. So why use smart irrigation instead of conventional methods of irrigation? Traditional irrigation systems are pre-set manually to turn on and off using a timer. It doesn’t matter if an unexpected downpour/drizzle occurs on a day or the soil is still moist or oversaturated with water. That timer is pre-set to water on each scheduled day; rain, or shine without fail. It works but in this day of time smart irrigation have evolved beyond just daily scheduling! Studies show that 60% of water consumption around the world is used for irrigation, and half of that is wasted due to inefficient, traditional irrigation practices. The optimal way to manage irrigation and nurture your crops and plants would be to know how much hydration plant roots need at each stage of their growth. Smart Irrigation have been in the market for quite some time, however the technology have been eolving to make the system more 'smarter'. Now, smart irrigation can control watering your plants, crops and landscape, adjusting the pH / EC Conductivity according to the daily weather variables. By continuously collecting and ingesting weather & climate data in real-time at your specific site for tracking and future crop improvements. Smart Irrigation systems save water, time, and money. Studies show that up to 50% of water usage for landscape irrigation can be saved with cloud-based Smart Irrigation systems. As a result, Smart systems typically pay for themselves in water savings within two years. Smart Irrigation is not only cost-effective, but also the responsible thing to do. Not only in these times of drought, but as we strive to conserve our finite and dwindling water sources, and protect our environment and leave our world a better place for future generations to come. The 5 main features of smart irrigation Remote Control / Remote Access One of the biggest decisions when choosing a controller is how you are going to control it. You have to ask yourself, do you want to control your irrigation remotely via a smartphone app, or would you rather control it directly on the device with buttons? Either way that is more convenient for your setup would be the best for you. Remote access gives you flexibility to login and access your system from anywhere. Giving you peace of mind when you are travelling or not around your farm. Set Up Separate Irrigation Zones (for plants at different growing stages) Each irrigation valve irrigates its own area. Therefore one valve is one irrigation zone. You can personalize each irrigation zone to water the soil or substrates needs according to each crop. The more zones you have, the equal amount of valves you need. One thing to note is to make sure your irrigation controller is programed to support as many zones as you need. Irrigation Scheduling Think in advance how you want to use your smart irrigation. How complex will it be? Irrigation controllers vary when it comes to scheduling options. Scheduling is a very useful feature, as it gives you peace of mind - even when you’re on vacation. When connected to a moisture sensor, it can automatically shorten or prolong irrigation times to make sure your plants are not thirsty or drowning in water. If you need specific scheduling options, make sure the controller supports it before purchasing. Get Notified Notifications are useful and convenient. You can get notified when the irrigation starts, when it’s completed, if there are any errors, some smart controller even notify you if there is some errors with the irrigation, therefore protecting your crop and systems hardware. Even Smarter Smart Irrigation Some irrigation systems can go one step further and take into account the weather and the local environment. Smart scheduling is a great idea that could optimize irrigation even further, for example by using sensors to detect rainfall or detecting humidity in soil, we can programe the irrigation system to irrigate the appropiate amount the plant needs. In conclusion, making your watering system smart is a smart thing to do. Your main benefits will be: Set us schedules to water your crops automatically Add sensors (rain, soil wetness, etc.) to know better what your plants need Get notifications and prevent irreversible actions like leakages or overdosing Save water - environment-friendly solution Lower water bills Excel Seeds Trading & Irritec Malaysia - Smart Coconut Farm Project ( Smart Irrigation ) Brief Introduction on Irritec Gruppo Irritec was established in Sicily in 1974 and is one of the leading smart irrigation companies worldwide. Its mission is to improve the efficiency of irrigation in agriculture and gardening reducing its environmental impact. Irritec headquarters "With 11 facilities and over 700 collaborators, Irritec owns manufacturing and commercial facilities in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, US, Algeria, Germany and Chile. As part of its commitment towards eco-sustainability, the company has also launched the Green Fields project, which encourages producers to dispose of plastic products properly. This initiative has turned Irritec into an example of circular economy."


    Malaysia International Agriculture Technology Expo 2022 Setia Alam Convention Center 22 to 24 September 2022 We had the opportunity to be part of the largest agriculture and AgTech Exhibition in Malaysia! With our pavilion booth showcasing our esteemed partners whom have been onboard with us since the start of the project! Excel Group | Growing Solutions Hub Participating Brands and Partners : Autogrow, Irritec, Rijk Zwaan, Sunrise, Bluelab, Ginegar, BVB, Signify Philips, Arrigoni, Excelwin Together with our partners, we have put on a great show! Best selling and latest products have been displayed and demo-ed during the expo. We have shared and connected with growers, clients and customers from multiple countries ( Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, India & More ) while working alongside all of our partners during the fair. The hub allowed us to have meaningful interactions with industry stakeholders while providing a cosy and comfortable area to discuss with a cup of coffee and Uncle Andy's Secret Recipe Juice! We greatly enjoyed talking to people and pairing customers with the brands, products and solutions they have been looking for! Not to mention customizing and bringing two or multiple brands together to solve each customer's request and concern! Post-event, we have discovered that the commercial growers in the region have higher awareness, demand and enquiry for quality greenhouse types of equipment, automatic fertigation for farms and greenhouse automation is growing rapidly in South East Asia. More than 8,000 people attended the show, and more than 250 enquiries have been entertained during our 3 days show at AGMY thanks to all partners, visitors, customers and clients! Looking forward to meeting you guys in AGMY 2023! Meanwhile, if you have any enquiries on, greenhouse construction, seeds, LED indoor horticulture lightings, agriculture nettings and coverings, fertilizers and solutions, irrigation pumps and shaker sets, or an automated dosing system for your farm, do email us at

  • Managing Nutrients Effectively : Fertilizer Management

    What is nutrient use efficiency? From a farmers perspective, nutrient efficiency can be usually defined as the nutrients applied are all taken up or absorbed by the corp. Nutrient use efficiency (NUE) is a critically important concept in the evaluation of crop production systems, its nutrients inputs as well as its outputs. It can be greatly impacted by fertilizer management as well as by soil- and plant-water management. The objective of nutrient use is to increase the overall performance of cropping systems by providing economically optimum nourishment to the crop while minimizing nutrient losses from the field. NUE addresses some but not all aspects of that performance. FACT Nutrient & Fertilizer Management Facts Nitrogen is the nutrient that most frequently limits irrigated crop production in Malaysia The nitrate (NO3– ) form of nitrogen fertilizer is extremely soluble and subject to runoff and leaching losses. Phosphorus in soils is tightly held to soil particles and may contaminate surface water through soil erosion in runoff. Organic forms of phosphorus found in humus, manure, and crop residues tend to be more soluble. CLASSIFICATION OF FERTILISERS 1. Straight fertilizers: Straight fertilizer is a fertilizer that contribute single nutrient to the crops. Few examples of straight fertilizer are urea, rock phosphate, ammonia, ammonium sulfate and muriate of potash. Straight fertilizer can be used straight to the crops but the nutrients that have been supply are incomplete. This fertilizer usually mixed with other types of fertilizer to formulate mixed fertilizer and compound fertilizer. The advantage of this straight fertilizer is because of the low price compare to the other fertilizer. But, the effect to the crops is not good enough. Straight fertilizer usually contributes one of these 3 main nutrients to the crops which are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) or mostly known as NPK. Nitrogen fertilizer – Nitrogen is one of the main elements which can be found in most commercial fertilizer. Nitrogen is important to the crops because nitrogen is a component in plant cells (chlorophyll) which gives the green look for the plants. Nitrogen function is to supply foods to the plant during photosynthesis and enhance the plants growth. Lack of nitrogen will cause the leaf become yellowish and consequence on the plant growth. Phosphorus (P) – Phosphorus is a second ingredient in fertilizer. It will act to enhance root growth and flowering. The root will grow deep and tree becomes much stronger. Nutrient will also be absorbed effectively by the roots. Potassium (K) – Potassium is also an important component in numerous fertilizers. It is important in flowering and fruiting purpose. Lack of potassium will have an effect on the plants protein synthesis. Potassium will support in plant chemical process such as carbohydrate, sugar, protein, and enzyme synthesis for plant growth. 2. Complex / Compound fertilizers: Complex fertilizers contain two or three primary plant nutrients of which two primary nutrients are in chemical combination. These fertilisers are usually produced in granular form. Complex / Compound fertilizers, which contain N, P, and K, can often be produced by mixing straight fertilizers. In some cases, chemical reactions occur between the two or more components. For example, mono-ammonium and diammonium phosphates, which provide plants with both N and P, are produced by neutralizing phosphoric acid (from phosphate rock) and ammonia : NH3 + H3PO4 → (NH4)H2PO4 2 NH3 + H3PO4 → (NH4)2HPO4 WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO MANAGE FERTILIZER USE? ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH Nitrogen and phosphorous occur naturally in streams throughout Utah and are important nutrients to aquatic ecosystems. However, too much of these nutrients can cause serious problems in lakes and streams. Often times in agricultural areas, excess nitrogen enters the system from animal operations or from irrigation return flow. These added nutrients may lead to fish kills, noxious aquatic plant growth, and foul odors. SAFE HANDLING/STORING OF FERTILIZER Follow label directions Lock or otherwise secure storage container valves when not in use DO NOT store fertilizer underground in containers or pits Mix and load fertilizers at the application place when possible Handle and store fertilizer away from wellheads and surface water Immediately recover and reuse or properly dispose of fertilizer spills Always store fertilizers in their original containers

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  • Terms & Condition | Excel Group | Excel Seeds Trading Sdn Bhd

    TERMS & CONDITION EXCEL GROUP ( EXCEL SEEDS TRADING SDN BHD, EXCEL GROWTECH SDN BHD, EXCEL SPEEDY SDN BHD ) UPDATED DECEMBER 2021 Definitions: ​ For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply: ​ Customer Any person who has agreed to these Membership Rules and who accesses EXCEL GROUP Online Store. Member Any Customer who has successfully registered on EXCEL GROUP Online Store. For the avoidance of doubt, Members are also Customers. EXCEL GROUP EXCEL GROUP as well as other EXCEL SEEDS TRADING SDN BHD and its affiliates. Site: The website of the mall operated by EXCEL SEEDS TRADING SDN BHD. Services The services provided by EXCEL GROUP to Customers and Members through the Site as described below. Services will be updated from time to time at EXCEL GROUP’s discretion. Transaction Any activity undertaken by a Customer through the Site such as online shopping. Merchant Any provider of goods or services that execute Transactions, such as store operators on the Site, in this case, MOL. These Rules and Other Rules These Terms and Conditions and other regulations and guidelines as determined by EXCEL GROUP including the terms of use of any services and Web sites operated by EXCEL GROUP as well as important information with respect to the mall. Member Data The information provided by EXCEL GROUP Members as well as historical data regarding Transactions (Including the information collected pursuant to Article 11). “Carrier” Means EXCEL GROUP “Same Day Delivery Service”, which, unless the context requires otherwise, includes any sub-contractor appointed by the Carrier. Use of Service A Customer may use the services available on EXCEL GROUP based on the terms and conditions as determined by EXCEL GROUP. Customers may be required to register as Members to be able to use some Services provided by EXCEL GROUP. All Members acknowledge and agree that from time to time EXCEL GROUP may add important features and affiliate programs and all Members will be subject to their terms and conditions determined by EXCEL GROUP in order to be able to participate in such features or programs. ​ These Terms & Conditions apply to all Customers and must be observed when they sign up for membership and after they sign up as Members. Customers and Members must agree to these Terms & Conditions before using the Service. ​ Member Registration ​ Member Qualifications – Any person who has purchased an EXCEL GROUP devices will be granted membership upon successful completion of the registration procedure determined by EXCEL GROUP. Registration will be done internally by EXCEL GROUP. EXCEL GROUP reserves the right to refuse membership to those whose membership has been revoked in the past or who for whatever reason shall be deemed by EXCEL GROUP to be ineligible for membership. ​ Amending Registered Information If there are changes to the information listed, the Individual concerned must immediately update such information on the Site. EXCEL GROUP is not responsible for losses incurred due to failure to update registration information. Every Transaction completed before amendments to the registration information will be based on the information previously provided by the Individual. ​ Members are responsible for immediately contacting EXCEL GROUP regarding changes to the registration information if necessary. Cancellation of Membership Members who intend to cancel their membership must submit a request to EXCEL GROUP. Membership will be canceled upon completion of the specified cancellation procedure. ​ Site Transactions Transactions made by Customers with the Merchant via the Website is a direct transaction between Customers and Merchants. EXCEL GROUP will not be involved and does not assume any responsibility for such a transaction, including cancellations, unless EXCEL GROUP is providing such transaction. Any problems arising from a Transaction must be resolved between the Merchant and the Customer. ​ Disclaimers ​ Customers may be contacted by Merchants regarding Merchant services, a transaction with the Merchant, goods and services, Web site content and descriptions, privacy policies, and other matters with respect to the Merchant. EXCEL GROUP makes no warranties regarding the authenticity, accuracy, novelty, use, reliability, legality or non-violation of the rights of third parties in connection with Merchants or their websites. ​ EXCEL GROUP will not be liable for damage caused by interruptions to the system, delay, suspension, or loss of data due to connection or computer failure, unauthorized access to data, or other damages suffered by Customers in connection with use of services provided by EXCEL GROUP. ​ EXCEL GROUP does not warrant that the contents of electronic mail from the Site, the EXCEL GROUP server, or domain groups are free of computer viruses or elements other damaging. EXCEL GROUP will not be responsible for the consequences of information or any suggestions that may be given to Customers by EXCEL GROUP or Merchants. ​ EXCEL GROUP will not be liable for losses caused by violation of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer. ​ Prohibition ​ When using services, Customer agrees not to: – violate the laws, rules and regulations, including but not limited to these Terms & Conditions; – act in a way that is detrimental to the rights, interests or reputation of EXCEL GROUP, Merchant, or relevant third parties; – engage in activities that can lead to mental or physical disorders in children, or violate public order and morals; – engage in activities that may cause interference or hurt the feelings of other users or third parties; provide false information; – send viruses, malware, or any other type of electronic damage through computer programs or email messages.; – access the EXCEL GROUP server in a non-authorized way; or – lend or give the user ID and password to a third party or use it together with a third party. ​ EXCEL GROUP reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Service to any Customer who breaches or is reasonably suspected to be in breach of the above prohibitions. ​ Suspension and cancellation of Membership EXCEL GROUP reserves the right to suspend use of services of a specific Member, change its user ID and password, or cancel the membership without prior notice if any of the following occurs. EXCEL GROUP is not responsible for any loss suffered by the Member for such a cancellation or suspension of the membership caused by the following: ​ – The violation of any law or regulation or these terms and conditions; – Misuse of the Service by Members; – Whenever the security measures of the Service determine that a wrong password has been entered too many times, in order to protect the account of the Member; – In other circumstances where EXCEL GROUP considers that such action is necessary. ​ EXCEL GROUP reserves the right to change the user ID and password of a Member, or cancel membership without prior notice when the Member concerned does not log in at the frequency specified in the given time period by EXCEL GROUP. ​ Amendment or Removal of Services ​ EXCEL GROUP reserves the right to modify or remove services, in whole or in part, solely at its discretion. Changes of these Terms and Conditions ​ EXCEL GROUP may revise any or all of these rules at any time. When a revision or addition is made to these Terms and Conditions, such revisions or additions will become effective once they are displayed in the EXCEL GROUP Website. Customer agrees to comply with all revised and additional regulations. ​ Governing Law and Jurisdiction Courts These rules are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. All Customers acknowledge and agree that all disputes arising from or in connection with the Services will be exclusively resolved through the Courts of Malaysia. ​ Order Limitations/Limited Quantities ​ We reserve the right to reject any product(s) order you place with us, and/or to limit quantities on any order, without giving any reason. If we reject your order, we will generally attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you gave us when you placed the order. ​ EXCEL GROUP may, at its own discretion, limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household or per order. EXCEL GROUP also reserves the right to reject any order you place with us. These restrictions includes all and any product(s) orders placed by the same EXCEL GROUP site account, the same credit card, and orders that use the same billing and/or shipping address. In the event we make a change to an order, we will attempt to notify you by contacting the e-mail and/or billing address provided at the time the order was made. ​ EXCEL GROUP reserves the right to limit or prohibit sales to dealers or re-sellers. ​ 1. Delivery Services 1.1 These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. 1.2 The Carrier is not a common carrier and accepts at its sole discretion of purchased goods for carriage under these Terms and Conditions. 1.3 Delivery service is applicable when purchased from via EXCEL GROUP Online Store 2. Purchase Time Period 2.1 Carrier will dispatch items once payment verification has completed for Same Day Delivery. Dispatch time period is between 11am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. 2.2 Cut off time for purchase entitled for Same Day Delivery is 2pm daily. 2.3 Same Day Delivery will not be available on Public Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. 2.4 Same Day Delivery is not available on Friday, 12pm – 2pm. 3. Delivery 3.1 As, (3.1) Carrier will dispatch items once payment verification has been confirmed before the cut off time of 2pm. Dispatch time period is between 11am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. 3.2 The Carrier may employ the services of any other carrier for the purposes of fulfilling the delivery if Same Day Delivery is not applicable for the address stated. 3.3 Carrier may employ the services of any other carrier for the purposes of fulfilling the delivery upon unavailability of agents to fulfil the order. 3.4 All goods will be delivered only to the Residential Address or Work-Place Address. 3.5 Customer allows EXCEL GROUP to verify the Malaysian IC for identification matching during delivery of purchased items. Customer are required to present the order ID & Malaysian Identification Card during receiving. 3.6 Same Day Delivery will not be available on Public Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays despite the option being present. The arrangement of purchase during the weekends will be delivered on the next business day. 3.7 In any unforeseen circumstances, carrier reserves the right to employ services of any other partnered courier to fulfil the delivery. The delivery may not be “Same Day Delivery” when using partnered courier company. 3.8 Unforeseen circumstances may be “bad weather, acts of god, any consequences of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war or not), civil war, rebellion, insurrection, military or usurped power of confiscation, requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority. ​ During Delivery of Items Undelivered or Unclaimed Goods ​ Where the Carrier is unable for any reason to deliver purchased items to the customer, the Carrier assigned a partnered courier to fulfill the deliverance of the purchased items. The assigned partnered or other shipping option is subject to the shipping time of 3-5 working days. If the items are unable to be delivered upon second attempt, carrier reserves the right to resell the item. The customer will be required to contact the carrier for any other arrangements. ​ Cancellation ​ Customers have a right to cancel Delivery. Kindly contact us via before the delivery period (11.00am – 5.00pm) Loss and Damaged The Carrier shall not be liable in respect of any loss or misdelivery to a wrongly stated address, wrongly stated identity of or damage if the same has arisen from: Acts of God; Any consequences of war, invasion, the act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war or not), civil war, rebellion, insurrection, military or usurped power of confiscation, requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority; Seizure or forfeiture under legal process; Riot, civil commotion, strike, lockout, general or partial stoppage or restraint of labor from whatever cause; The customer not taking or accepting delivery within a reasonable time after the purchased items have attempted delivery; Fraud The Carrier shall not in any circumstances be liable in respect of a purchase order where there has been fraud on the part of the Customer or the owner of the purchased item(s). Upon an event of fraud, the carrier will proceed on a protocol to perform the necessary actions including, the filing of a police report and contact the customer.

  • Achijaya Melon Farm Project | EXCEL GROUP OF COMPANIES Excel Seeds Trading Sdn Bhd  |  Excel Growtech Sdn Bhd  |  Excel Speedy Trading Ltd


  • Complete Smart Greenhouse Projects Malaysia | Excel Group | Automated Greenhouse Projects

    COMPLETED PROJECTS EXCEL GROUP INTEGRATED SMART GREENHOUSE ​ We take great pride in our class-leading automation & integration capabilities, which have gone through extensive agro-technology tests and greenhouse development in multiple countries with various climate & land challenges. Excel Group believes in striking the right balance between internal factors, such as customers’ goals, budgets, and resources, as well as external factors, such as greenhouse construction technicality, raw materials supply, automated solutions and planting systems ( NFT, Hydroponics, Etc.) Projects: What's Happening MILLERCLE GINGER FARM | POLYBAG GROWING SYSTEM | IRRIGATION & FERTIGATION AUTOMATION Soiless hydroponic cultivation method combined with smart greenhouse systems to grow & produce the best ginger! ​ MORE INFORMATION GROW EAT WELL LEAFY GREENS VEGETABLES | NFT GROWING SYSTEM | AUTOMATED CLIMATE SYSTEM Our mission is to make growing your hydroponic vegetables easier and safer for you! MORE INFORMATION NUOVOLAND LEAFY GREEN & FRUITY VEGETABLES | FARM AUTOMATION | DOSING & CLIMATE CONTROL Producing vegetables with smart greenhouse control systems for Malaysians. Available at any major chainstores. MORE INFORMATION CLEAN FARM LEAFY GREENS | VERTICAL GROWING SYSTEM | IRRIGATION AND DOSING SYSTEM Healthy clean vegetables sent to your doorstep! MORE INFORMATION ACHIJAYA MAS MELONS MELON FARM | POLYBAG GROWING SYSTEM | INTELLICLIMATE | IRRIGATION & FERTIGATION AUTOMATION | SHAKER SET Soilless hydroponic cultivation method with smart greenhouse systems integrated with IntelliClimate environment control system to provide the best growing environment. ​ MORE INFORMATION MUTIARA FIGS FRUITY CROPS | POLY BAG GROWING SYSTEM | AUTOMATED DOSER WITH IRRIGATION AND FERTIGATION Provide a quality choice for people looking for fresh fig, fig products and fig plants. Successfully marketed our products to the local fruit shop and also Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and China. MORE INFORMATION EXCEL GROUPS CUSTOMISED PROJECT COLLABORATIONS Email Us Message Us PROJECT STAGES AND PROCESSES All Videos All Categories Play Video Play Video Play Video Play Video Play Video Play Video TAILOR MADE GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS The technicality of constructing a customized greenhouse system requires real-life experience in problem-solving and diligent planning during the design stage of the greenhouse, prior to construction and implementation. Designing a customized automated greenhouse for specific plants or crops production are a challenging task, as each crop need different environments & growing systems to thrive. Crops or plants need more than just seeds, soil, sunlight, and water, as they also rely heavily on humidity, temperature, soil pH, water hardness, airflow, fertilizers and other variables. These subsystems are all related and must function together to grow a successful crop. Hundreds of successful greenhouse projects have earned Excel Group as a go-to partner in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Indonesia as well as in Vietnam. Besides greenhouse construction, our experience in agronomy, agro-technology, and agro-economics help create value for our clients in terms of customer service, crop quality, increased yield, and profitability. LEAFY CROPS PROJECT LETTUCE NFT CHANNELS LETTUCE HYDROPONIC LETTUCE DEEP WATER CULTURE LEAFY VEGETABLES VERTICLE FARMING FRUITY CROPS PROJECTS TOMATO / CHERRY TOMATO POLYBAG CAPSICUM POLYBAG CUCUMBER POLYBAG CHILI POLYBAG CONTACT US NOW TO CUSTOMISE YOUR SMART GREENHOUSE +603 3348 8842 Name Email Subject Message Submit Thanks for submitting!

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