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Smart Irrigation : Let them work for you!(For Orchard, Farms & Greenhouses) ft. Irritec's System

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Smart irrigation system leaves traditional methods of irrigation behind in the dust. As technology evolves with each passing year, it’s only getting smarter.

So why use smart irrigation instead of conventional methods of irrigation?

Traditional irrigation systems are pre-set manually to turn on and off using a timer. It doesn’t matter if an unexpected downpour/drizzle occurs on a day or the soil is still moist or oversaturated with water. That timer is pre-set to water on each scheduled day; rain, or shine without fail. It works but in this day of time smart irrigation have evolved beyond just daily scheduling!

Studies show that 60% of water consumption around the world is used for irrigation, and half of that is wasted due to inefficient, traditional irrigation practices. The optimal way to manage irrigation and nurture your crops and plants would be to know how much hydration plant roots need at each stage of their growth.

Smart Irrigation have been in the market for quite some time, however the technology have been eolving to make the system more 'smarter'. Now, smart irrigation can control watering your plants, crops and landscape, adjusting the pH / EC Conductivity according to the daily weather variables. By continuously collecting and ingesting weather & climate data in real-time at your specific site for tracking and future crop improvements.

Smart Irrigation systems save water, time, and money. Studies show that up to 50% of water usage for landscape irrigation can be saved with cloud-based Smart Irrigation systems. As a result, Smart systems typically pay for themselves in water savings within two years. Smart Irrigation is not only cost-effective, but also the responsible thing to do. Not only in these times of drought, but as we strive to conserve our finite and dwindling water sources, and protect our environment and leave our world a better place for future generations to come.

The 5 main features of smart irrigation

  • Remote Control / Remote Access One of the biggest decisions when choosing a controller is how you are going to control it. You have to ask yourself, do you want to control your irrigation remotely via a smartphone app, or would you rather control it directly on the device with buttons? Either way that is more convenient for your setup would be the best for you. Remote access gives you flexibility to login and access your system from anywhere. Giving you peace of mind when you are travelling or not around your farm.

  • Set Up Separate Irrigation Zones (for plants at different growing stages) Each irrigation valve irrigates its own area. Therefore one valve is one irrigation zone. You can personalize each irrigation zone to water the soil or substrates needs according to each crop. The more zones you have, the equal amount of valves you need. One thing to note is to make sure your irrigation controller is programed to support as many zones as you need.

  • Irrigation Scheduling Think in advance how you want to use your smart irrigation. How complex will it be? Irrigation controllers vary when it comes to scheduling options. Scheduling is a very useful feature, as it gives you peace of mind - even when you’re on vacation. When connected to a moisture sensor, it can automatically shorten or prolong irrigation times to make sure your plants are not thirsty or drowning in water. If you need specific scheduling options, make sure the controller supports it before purchasing.

  • Get Notified Notifications are useful and convenient. You can get notified when the irrigation starts, when it’s completed, if there are any errors, some smart controller even notify you if there is some errors with the irrigation, therefore protecting your crop and systems hardware.

  • Even Smarter Smart Irrigation Some irrigation systems can go one step further and take into account the weather and the local environment. Smart scheduling is a great idea that could optimize irrigation even further, for example by using sensors to detect rainfall or detecting humidity in soil, we can programe the irrigation system to irrigate the appropiate amount the plant needs.

In conclusion, making your watering system smart is a smart thing to do. Your main benefits will be:

  • Set us schedules to water your crops automatically

  • Add sensors (rain, soil wetness, etc.) to know better what your plants need

  • Get notifications and prevent irreversible actions like leakages or overdosing

  • Save water - environment-friendly solution

  • Lower water bills

Excel Seeds Trading & Irritec Malaysia - Smart Coconut Farm Project ( Smart Irrigation )


Brief Introduction on Irritec Gruppo Irritec was established in Sicily in 1974 and is one of the leading smart irrigation companies worldwide. Its mission is to improve the efficiency of irrigation in agriculture and gardening reducing its environmental impact.

Irritec headquarters

"With 11 facilities and over 700 collaborators, Irritec owns manufacturing and commercial facilities in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, US, Algeria, Germany and Chile. As part of its commitment towards eco-sustainability, the company has also launched the Green Fields project, which encourages producers to dispose of plastic products properly. This initiative has turned Irritec into an example of circular economy."


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