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Irritec irrigation systems offer a solution that significantly reduces water consumption in agriculture while improving irrigation efficiency. They prioritize maximum effectiveness with minimal environmental impact, all at affordable prices. This simplifies the lives of those who care for plants, whether for work or passion, by ensuring that every drop of water is utilized efficiently. This not only minimizes the ecological footprint but also ensures proper nourishment for crops.



Commander EVO

The Commander EVO controllers are capable of meeting the irrigation requirements of even the most demanding crops, regardless of the scale of the farm. These controllers integrate pH and EC management with advanced irrigation cycle management for more professional control. Additionally, they are equipped with radio remote control, allowing them to be managed through internet-accessible software programs.

Shaker Set


The Shaker Set® is an innovative fertigation unit developed by Irritec® that offers a precise and reliable system to promote optimal growth of both soil and soilless crops. With the advanced features of the Commander EVO® programmer, users can easily manage the irrigation system and ensure the correct supply of nutrients based on their desired pH and EC values. The Shaker Set® is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to input the desired pH and conductivity values along with the percentages for each fertilizer solution. For example, users can specify pH 6.0, EC 2 mS, with 5% of fert. A, 10% of fert. B, 10% of fert. C, and 5% of fert. D. The Shaker Set® then uses information from its built-in pH and conductivity probes to inject the necessary amounts of acid and fertilizer, maintaining the water at the desired values set by the user. Additionally, the Shaker Set® offers multiple fertigation recipes for different irrigation blocks, and its integrated self-learning system enables the production of customized fertigation solutions for each section of the system in the shortest possible time.



The iDrop® line offers turbulent flow on-line drippers designed for various applications such as orchards, vineyards, nurseries, and greenhouses, as well as situations where minimal flow variations are needed. These drippers utilize a labyrinth design that ensures turbulent flow, making them resistant to clogging and requiring minimal maintenance.


Irrigation Dripline

Irritec drip systems are known for their exceptional uniformity and unmatched performance. These systems are manufactured with high-quality standards, guaranteeing precise water application in the right amounts. They are well-suited for a variety of applications, including seasonal row crops, permanent vineyards and orchards, nurseries and greenhouses, as well as high-intensity cultivars like hemp.

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